okay, I'm done now. Water & Pen. Hmm. I've never made a what-is-this-blog-for page. 
Writing. Life. God. Me. You. 

Basically expect this blog to be run like a variety show. I don't really know how variety shows are run, though, so I might need a few pointers in that area...

There will be posts about writing. How-to, advice, experience, etc. etc. etc. 
There will be posts about life. I don't know what that means, maybe we'll find out. 
There will be posts about God. Scripture studies, what He's been speaking to me, etc. etc. etc. 
And then fun stuff. Like, I-don't-know-how-to-categorize-this stuff.

Just a lot of stuff.
Here's my loose (hopefully I'll follow it) schedule:

Mondays: MUSE Monday -- I'll create a post linking my latest Odyssey article (those go live Monday mornings).

Tuesdays: Top 10 Tuesday -- This will be a list of 10 somethings. Books, albums, songs for playlists, characters, etc. The possibilities = endless. I realize a lot of people do this on their blogs, but as I have nothing else right now, looks like I'm hoppin' onto the bandwagon.

Wednesdays: These days, as I've determined thus far, will be free of a post. But, if there's something pressing, I suppose I can allow myself to whip something up.

Thursdays: Thumbnail Thursday -- Sharing time! As my stories are currently being uploaded to Wattpad, I won't really be sharing snippets of WIPs, but I will share things about the world or about characters or about anything else I really feel could qualify as a thumbnail.

Fridays: Free Friday -- a spot reserved for writing whatever the feathers I wish to! This means that any extras will be on this day as well.

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