Friday, October 17, 2014

Turning Pages {The Creative Process I}

So about a week ago I finished the first draft of my second book--Yay! It's exciting. Because I get to work on my next book. Oooh. While this last book I finished (Fade Out), is the second book in a series called "A Different Kind of Legacy", the next one I'm working on, Blackberry Heart, is not. It has some of the same characters, but it's stand-alone.

And I'm so-o excited about it! Does this picture show you that? :D

Okay, what really is this blog post about? I'm still trying to figure that out.

As a writer, it's good to explore new ideas and get out of the box. That's why I'm taking a break on my series. It helps the creative process.

In the creative process, it's our job to try new things. To get our brain flowing we need to experiment.
This next novel, Blackberry Heart, is going to be different than anything I've ever written. It's going to be pretty SWEET.

Ah *claps hands* I'm excited. Did I mention that already? Well...

I want to challenge you to try something completely different. Try writing from a different point of view, try writing in a completely different style. Try a different genre. There's so many possibilities.

It can be in short story form, journal form, novel form, whatever you feel like doing! Once you're done, I want you to think about how it helped. Did it inspire you? Give you new ideas? Did it help get your juices flowing?

There are tons of other ways to keep your creativity moving and this is just a way to do it through actual writing. I could go on and on about all the cool things you could do, but that could take a while. Maybe it's for another blog post...

Don't be afraid of messing up. You can't mess up. I repeat: You Can NOT mess up. Some things might turn out pretty bad, but it's not messing up. It's just bad. (Trust me, I have my share of those things).'s writing, there are numerous ways to do things. So many ways. There isn't a wrong way. Find your voice, your style.

It WILL be worth it, no matter how many mistakes you make.

I l-o-v-e comments! So:
1. What types of writing exercises do you like to take part in to keep the creative juices flowing?
2. Are you working on anything that's way different than anything you've ever written? (besides the fact that you're writing it;)
3. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to write a topic about!

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