Monday, May 23, 2016

True Love || The One ||

Hello, beautiful people! Today, being the first Monday after the post about New Things Ahead for Water & Pen, is a piece I wrote back in March and feel the need to share now. 
As a society we are quite obsessed with the idea of finding true love. This will be the first installment of a series about true love. 

“The one for you is out there!” Woman after woman, family members, pastors, friends, mentors…they all repeat this phrase as if it’s not cliché. And maybe it isn’t, but it’s overused. Because the way this is said is out of context.
            They mean to tell me that there is one special guy out there designed just for me who will complete me and be everything I dreamed he would be and we would love each other.
            And perhaps there is a special guy out there that God has designed and decided we should be together.
            But that doesn’t make him “the one”.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Things Ahead for Water & Pen

Intentional. Being a writer takes being intentional. This is something I'm not very good at all the time. It's easier not to write and to fill my time with less meaningful things although I know I'm called to write.
New Things Ahead for Water & Pen
But now that I have more time than ever, I am choosing to be intentional with my writing! (yay!) This means there are some new things ahead for Water & Pen. I plan to have a schedule for posting each week and will follow this schedule as faithfully as I can instead of staring at a blank, white screen watching the cursor bounce in waiting for keys to be tapped.

This is what my mind has come up with:

Mondays: Reflection -- these posts won't be so writing related but more of my thoughts and what has been on my heart lately. To read some examples, go here: On How Life Relates to a Cage

Wednesdays: Writing -- these posts will be related to writing! Whether tips or tricks or ideas or whatnot. To find some examples of what that might look like, go here: How College Makes You a Better Writer

Thursdays: Living -- these posts will be more about life and adventures. I'm not exactly sure what this will look like yet, but it will be fun!

Fridays: Fun -- Anything from music to character interviews to reviews to videos. Fridays are reserved for having fun!

I'm looking forward to becoming more involved with my blog, your blog, me, and you! If you have any ideas for me, wish to guest post, or want to say hello, drop a comment below!