Monday, May 23, 2016

True Love || The One ||

Hello, beautiful people! Today, being the first Monday after the post about New Things Ahead for Water & Pen, is a piece I wrote back in March and feel the need to share now. 
As a society we are quite obsessed with the idea of finding true love. This will be the first installment of a series about true love. 

“The one for you is out there!” Woman after woman, family members, pastors, friends, mentors…they all repeat this phrase as if it’s not clichĂ©. And maybe it isn’t, but it’s overused. Because the way this is said is out of context.
            They mean to tell me that there is one special guy out there designed just for me who will complete me and be everything I dreamed he would be and we would love each other.
            And perhaps there is a special guy out there that God has designed and decided we should be together.
            But that doesn’t make him “the one”.

            If this guy exists, he won’t complete me or make me whole or make me more me or give me identity. He won’t fill any holes in my heart or provide everything I need in this life. He won’t know my every thought or each moment from my past, present, and future. He will never, ever know how many hairs are on my head. He won’t know.
            Sure he’ll know a lot.
            But he won’t know it all.
            And it’s a shame that we spend so much time searching for “the one” if he doesn’t actually exist on this earth. How foolish are we to be caught up in such notions of this one who will be our other half and will take care of us the way we need and be our always there strong support? Quite foolish if I say so myself.
            Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get married one day. I’m not bashing men. I’m not bashing boyfriends or husbands or fiancĂ©s, believe me.
And in saying we’re foolish, I am most certainly including myself in that statement. For so long in my life I was in love with the idea of being in love and having a guy who would know all about me and love me for me still. He would take care of me and he would be perfect for me.
            But I know something new now. Those expectations and dreams I had aren’t realistic.
            Sure, if I get married, my husband will love me and care for me. I believe this. He will know more about me than anybody else on the earth knows. And that’s great.
            But he still won’t know all. He won’t know how to take care of my every need. He won’t fill the potholes in my life and heart. He won’t.
            And I’m okay with that.
            Because I know the One who will. I know the One who knows Every. Single. Little. Detail. about me and accepts and loves and draws me ever closer in every moment of every day and it is absolutely incredible. I know the One who knows my every single need and how to take care of it and me. I know the One who will fill my potholes, big and small. I know the One who knows my past, present, and future. I know the One who knows exactly how many hairs are on my head and how many lines are on the soles of my feet and how many colors are in my eyes. And this is beautiful.
            Jesus Christ is the One I find my identity in. He is the One I can trust with every single little part of me that makes up me and still accept and love me continually, eternally, and never, ever leave me.
            I am so thankful for this reassurance that we have in Christ.
            He is unmoving and unshakeable. He is strong and is my support more than anybody or anything else ever could be. Because He made me. He knows me.

            He is The One. 

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  1. This is beautiful. My whole life I grew up reading books about waiting patiently for true love... waiting and waiting for Mr. Right to show up at my door with a handful of flowers and a charming smile, yet you are right! We can not find our identity in a fantasy, there is only one man that will make us feel whole, and that man is Jesus. He is the one that will love us without boarders. He is the one that will know all about us and know what is best for us. While it is natural for us to want this "love of our life", we can not make it our idol. Thank you for sharing <3


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