Monday, June 13, 2016

True Love || The Pursuit ||

Jolly good Monday, everybody! I find Mondays are easier to bear when we go forth with a mindset of adventure and purpose. What beautiful things can be accomplished and created this day? What people can be encouraged and met where they are?

True Love || The Pursuit || Water & PenAnyway, I know I've been a horrible promise-keeper in saying I would be diligent in blogging regularly and I feel this quite deeply. The weeks have been slipping through the cracks in my fingers.

But wait no more, for here is another installment of the True Love series!
Part one can be found here:
True Love || The One ||

Love stories throughout the centuries often depict a young woman as a person to be won over by the handsome young man. He pursues her and in the process woos her into his love.

As young women, we expect this to be part of our love story one day. We look and wait for that young man who will see something beautiful in us and wish to pursue us further and get to know us and, in the process woo us. This is okay and this is good.

Young men, however, are expected to be the only one doing the pursuing. While, yes, they should pursue and honor and woo the young lady, they can't be expected to be the only one doing everything.

In order for love to grow, it must be a two way pursuit.