Friday, July 15, 2016

So Fridays

So Fridays. (A little side note, I guess I really like beginning things with "So", so that might become a thing from now on). Fridays are supposed to be reserved for whatever in the flowery world I wish. Today I wish to talk about everything I've been doing. Buckle in for the ride, my friends. It's going to be a bumpy one.

username: waterandpen          (shocker, right?)

I've been uploading my novels to Wattpad! Wow! Woo! *crazy cheering from somewhere in my head* There's two on my account. Sound Effect and Intention Man (title work in progress).
Sound Effect is a novel I wrote a few years ago. It's undergoing its second round of editing and I'm putting chapters up as they receive the sparkly seal of approval.
Intention Man is my work in progress (just like the title) and it's going up as I finish actually writing the chapters. This means no editing whatsoever.
Generally I like to write my books so each chapter is equates to approximately ten pages or less. Because, although I adore reading, long chapters can become tiresome. I like to make it so there's no twenty page chapters to get utterly lost in.

username: Water & Pen          (another SHOCKER!)

Something that I've felt heavy on my heart for a while is a need to be more vulnerable with people. It's easy for me to cover up and hide everything with a fake smile and a "Fine" when asked how I am when it's not exactly the truth. And, for those of you who don't know, I write poetry. Lately I've been recording this poetry in a spoken word style and uploading them to Soundcloud. I want to be authentic and honest with people. I'm not better than anybody else, but I'm struggling in life just like the rest of you. This is sort of therapeutic for me. And if you want some honesty, go head over to soundcloud and give a listen. My longest recording hits just over three minutes and my shortest at thirty-one seconds.


life. My summer is coming to an end. In less than a month I'll be back at my university for student leader training. A lot of people dread the beginning of a school year. I welcome it with open arms. I'm excited to get back into the swing of things, love on the people God places around me, and see what God has in store.
What I'm doing: Writing letters to the people who've supported me for my upcoming December serving trip to Kenya. I'm beyond words excited but the reality of it hasn't quite sunk in yet. But AH!

What I'm listening to: SWITCHFOOT. AHHHH. Their new album came out only last Friday and wow it is beautiful. It's cool because a lot of the themes that were recurring in my writing before this album released are crafted into the songs like a personal message to me (I know it's touching others as well) but it's amazing.

What I'm watching: Poldark. Go watch it. Ah.

What I'm reading: Polaroids and Postcards by H.M. Wilson, Where the Ghosts Lie by Wendy Greene, and Gospel Wakefulness by Jared C. Wilson

What are you truly beautiful people up to in your busy lives? Are you working on any novels? What are you listening to/watching/reading?

With much love,


  1. I am super obsessed with wattpad and to know a blogger is uploading there novels there makes me so happy and excited as heck! *gasp!* you went to Kenya? Ahhhh! That's so awesome... I'm going to blog stalk you now... I meannnn!

    1. I will be going to Kenya this December--I'm excited! A blog stalker? Yay! I think that's a good thing! ;)


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