Tuesday, August 2, 2016

10 Wordsmiths of Music

Oh my goose do I love music. Oh my goose do I love words. When these two loves of mine are carefully, skillfully entwined to create songs...I fall in love again and again. 
As a writer, I appreciate lyrics that make me think, that make me feel, that make me hope and dance and cry and laugh. 
Words have power, and when they're combined with music...it makes them all the more powerful.

Also, I'm giving you ten new artists to listen to and utilize for story/character playlists, so... 

Here are some of the wordsmiths of music that I listen to regularly:

1. Beautiful Eulogy
Wow, so when I was introduced to this group, I fell in love. Their music is so full of unique sounds and words that inspire such imagery and help me think about and understand God in ways I never have. Their music refreshes me, encourages me, and makes my limbs spazz in this thing that should be called "dancing".
Favorite: Lofty

2. Matthew Mole
This guy knows how to write. Shoot. His words are beautiful and refreshing. They carry a special lightweight depth that I go back to again and again--especially when writing. 
Favorite: Infinite Land

3. Sarah Sparks
Okay so this girl has a beautiful, pure voice that's so unique. And her album Into the Lantern Waste is based off of Narnia. She has songs for different characters and wow. Wow. It's a work of art that speaks into my life. 
Favorite: The Traveler

4. Jon Foreman
AKA lead singer guy of Switchfoot. But he has his own music. And it is so touching. The themes in his personal music tend to have starker messages about God and Christ and I relate to so much. 
Favorite: Run Free

5. The Arcadian Wild
It's been a while since I've listened to them, but they have a special, sweet sound that I adore. Their music is simultaneously deep and fun. Sort of more of a folky style. 
Favorite: If You're the Coffee

6. Brooke Fraser
First off, she's from New Zealand. My dream is to go to that island and hike it in a cloak and elf ears. Second, her music is so different. It's distinctly Brooke. She explores different topics in an intriguing way that I can't help but listen to more. 
Favorite: I really like The Dead Don't Dance. 

7. NF
Oh feathers. Dude. This guy. He doesn't hide his brokenness. But he doesn't deny that he is in need of a Savior. And somehow I relate to a lot of his music. It hits me hard.
Favorites: Mansion and Paralyzed

8. Josh Garrels
Pretty sure his music has made me cry. 
Favorite: Anchor (which is also done with Beautiful Eulogy, so...)

9. Strahan
Basically he sings about God and the Bible and stuff in such a beautiful way. 
Favorite: Help Me Believe

10 . Jonathan Thulin
I love his album Science Fiction. It's so different and keeps me hooked. I especially like it for story playlist inspiration.
Favorite: Mockingbird

I hope you enjoyed my first installment of Tuesday posts. (a lot of people do Top Ten Tuesday...I need to think of a new name ;)
Who are some of your favorite wordsmiths of music?

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