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Thumbnail Thursday : Behind the Character : Zora "Lucky" Groves

It's taken me a while, but I've finally figured out what exactly it is I wish to write about for my first Thumbnail Thursday post. Many of you probably don't know, but I'm starting a blog schedule. (somebody please become my accountability partner in this because Lord knows I am human and I am also a hardcore procrastinator). Thursdays, if you couldn't put together, are now Thumbnail Thursdays. That means I'll share something about my writing or latest projects or characters or world. 

And today is character day. Zora "Lucky" Groves

Oh, Zora. This girl is the secondary main character in my WIP Intention Man, but she doesn't come into the story until almost halfway through the novel. Naturally, I had her personality planned out and I knew exactly who Zora was (as much as I could at the time). Frankly, I had expectations for Zora that she didn't exactly approve of. And from the very first moment she appeared, to the first line of dialogue she spoke, I knew she was an entirely different person than I had created. But...this...she was better than anything I'd dreamed up. She still has her backstory and basics covered, but she morphed into this character that surprises me at every turn. Lev, the MC can't understand her and I'm in the same boat. One never knows what to expect with Zora.

Let's dive deeper, shall we?

Full name: Zora "Lucky" Groves. The nickname "Lucky" is often what she likes to go by. It's actually the nickname her protector Tobin gave her birthmark a few years back. As she grew up in a society that looked down upon "blemishes" and natural looks, she had to hide her birthmark for years of her life. Once people found out, things went sour. So once Tobin found her, her built her confidence back up. 

MBTI: ESFP -- this is so fun because Lev is an INFJ. They're nearly opposite and it's the most beautiful thing I can imagine. They drive each other nuts. 

Favorites: Strawberry Milk (she has a little carton--or three--with her at all times. The slurping through the straw gets on Lev's nerves like nothing else); dancing; skipping; meeting people where they are and helping them; hugs (she hugs more than anybody I've ever known); encouraging others; spontaneity; adventures.

"Lights illuminated the space--a small circular room. By the light source stood Zora. She was watching him and her face had a grand smile plastered on it. 'Forgive me for going about it this way, but you walked right past my front door and I couldn't help myself. My spontaneous nature got the best of me, you see.' She wrinkled her nose and rolled her shoulders. 'I don't enjoy thinking things through very much, I hope you can pardon me for that.'"

Dislikes: criticism, plans, being predictable, people who don't join in her fun, thinking about her past, sadness, loneliness, not knowing things.

Something surprising: She's a compulsive liar and a kleptomaniac. Whoops.  
What she does for a living: Finds people. She's sort of like a bounty hunter--er, private detective.
What I love about her: She's quick to admit some of her own faults and ask for forgiveness. But if somebody else points out something wrong with her, that's it. She's done. But at least she realizes she has some problems. 
What I don't like about her: She helps people and tries her best to help them and meet them where they're at, sure, but she is sort of rude sometimes. It's all to help people grow, but if somebody makes a mistake or needs help with something, she often will ignore them and leave them to solve the problem on their own. It helps Lev grow, but it drives me nuts!

Does Zora have everybody's best interests in mind? Is she using everybody for self gain? What will become of Zora and Lev's spiderweb fragile friendship? 
If you want to know more about Zora, you can begin reading Intention Man on my Wattpad (waterandpen) and read about up to chapter 12 (Undead) to get to her shining spotlight. 

disclaimer: all photos in today's post were found on Pinterest and are not my own.

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